As an experienced photographer, teacher, and trainer, Scott offers public speaking in both in-person formats as well as remote "Zoom" style presentations.  If choosing an in-person session, you will find Scott engaging, informed, and passionate about his work.  If you prefer a remote presentation, Scott has a high-quality audio/video studio, which can relay the professionalism that audiences appreciate.

Typical presentations include one of the following topics:

-3 Keys to Bird Photography (75 minutes)

-Birds and Native Plants (60 minutes)

-Birds and Light (60 minutes)

In addition to these topics, Scott can cater any program to the interest of a group.

Prices for sessions vary based on program and travel, but Scott tries to work within the budgets of most Camera Clubs or nature-focused organizations.  Please inquire for the pricing.

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"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your program last night at the Morton Arboretum Photographic Society. It was nice to see your fresh approach to photographing birds and incorporating their environments into your photos. It is important to make folks aware of native plants and the role they play in providing food and shelter for the birds. Really appreciated your thoughts on enjoying the moment and still capturing what you saw. Thank you for sharing your time and passion for your subjects which we could see expressed in all your photos." - Morton Arboretum Photographic Society