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Dunes at DuskLow (Black Skimmer)Under Watchful Eye (Piping Plover)Merlot (Hooded Merganser)Stoic (Snowy Egret)Snowy in SnowIncoming (Rough-legged Hawk)Thirst (Clapper Rail)On a Swingset (Ruby-crowned Kinglet)Gold on Gold (Golden-crowned Kinglet)(Wood Duck)SkeysImages, Scott Keys, wildlife, bird, Raptor, bird of prey, sharp-shinned hawk with robin, preyBlack and White Profile (Balck-and-white Warbler)Copper Lake (Common Loon)Trio an Symmetry (Dunlin)Ripplesbird, photography, "scott keys", skeysimages, "least tern", cuddleCerulean (Cerulean Warbler)Golen Hour (Snowy Egret)